Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 10/29/2020 TIME: 6:00 PM
1.0 Call to Order (Reading of Statement)
1.1 Call to Order Info
2.0 Flag Salute
2.1 Flag Salute Info
3.0 Roll Call
3.1 Roll Call Info
4.0 Recognitions
4.1 Recognitions Info
5.0 Approval of Minutes
5.1 Approval of Minutes Action
6.0 Board President's Report
6.1 Board President's Report Action
7.0 Board Resolutions
7.1 Resolution Of The Board Of Education Of The City Of Newark Adopting Procedures And Requirements For Public Comment During Remote Meetings Of The Board Of Education Action
8.0 Superintendent's Report
8.1 Superintendent's Report Info
9.0 Public Participation
9.1 Public Participation Info
10.0 Finance & Operations - Votes
10.1 Finance & Operations - Votes Action
10.2 Resolution to Accept- Newark Trust for Education SEL Grant for FY 2021 Action
10.3 Resolution to Accept- SOLES 4 SOULS Donation to NBOE Action
10.4 ESSA-ESEA Consolidated Application Resolution Action
10.5 Resolution to Accept- Non-Public Security Aid FY 2021 Action
10.6 Resolution to Accept: The MCJ Amelior Foundation Donation Action
10.7 Resolution to Accept: Samaritan’s Feet Donation Action
10.8 Resolution to Accept- Non-Public School Technology Aid Program FY 2021 Action
10.9 Resolution to Accept- Donation from WeLoveU Foundation Action
10.10 Resolution to Apply- Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Action
A) Finance and Operations
10.11 Secretary Report - August 2020
10.12 Treasurer Report - August 2020
10.13 Transfer Report - August 2020
10.14 Payroll Summary for 8/28/2020 and 9/11/2020
10.15 Newark Board of Education Operating Account Checks - September 2020
10.16 Individuals with Disabilities Act, Part B (IDEA-B)
10.17 Permission to Sell Obsolete Automobiles
10.18 Authorization of District Travel
10.19 Certification of Head Start Governance and Leadership Capacity Screening and Certification of Health and Safety Screening for Grant 02CH011623
10.20 Resolution of the Board of Education of the City of Newark Approving the Memorandum of Understanding Governing the Newark Universal Enrollment System, Authorizing its Execution and Directing the Superintendent to Ensure Implementation in Accordance with its Terms.
B) Purchasing
10.21 Amendment to Emergency Technology Goods and Services Purchasing Reference 9264
10.22 Student Assessments Services Purchasing Reference 9270
10.23 Amendment Number Two of Award of Contract 9150 Printer and Toner Cartridges
10.24 Student Assessment Warehousing Purchasing Reference 9272
10.25 Amendment of Web Based Special Education Software Contract 9136
10.26 Renewal of Contract 8973-R1 Design Consultant Services for Emergent and/or Capital Projects
10.27 Amendment of Instructional Materials Purchasing Reference 9252
10.28 Renewal of Contract 8953 for Health Supplies
10.29 Amendment of Smart Boards and Accessories Contract 9032
10.30 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Instructional Materials Purchasing Reference 9263
10.31 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Produce Boxes Purchasing Reference 9271
10.32 Amendment Number Two of Renewal of Extended Day Food Program Contract 9034R1
10.33 Amendment to Audio and Visual Equipment and Installation Contract 9202
10.34 Award of Asbestos Removal, Lead in Paint Stabilization/Abatement, and Mold Remediation Cleanup Solicitation 9244
10.35 Award of Contract 9261 Cafeteria Supplies
C) Facilities
11.0 General Counsel - Legal - Votes
11.1 General Counsel - Legal - Votes Action
11.2 Resolution by the Board of Education of the City of Newark, County of Essex Authorizing Settlement of Litigation Action
12.0 Personnel - Votes
12.1 Personnel - Votes Action
12.2 Resolution of The Board of Education of the City of Newark, County of Essex to Authorize the Personal Leave Request of Certain Employee Info/Action
12.3 NBE Resignations Retirements October 2020 Info/Action
12.4 NBE Appointments October 2020 Action
12.5 NBE Transfers October 2020 Action
12.6 NBE Terminations October 2020 Action
12.7 NBE Co-Curricular October 2020 Action
13.0 Program & Instruction - Votes
13.1 Program & Instruction - Votes Action
13.2 Approval of "BIO 101 – College Biology I" Offered by Essex County Community College by the Newark Board of Education Action
13.3 Memorandum of Understanding between Audible and Newark Board of Education Action
13.4 Approval of Grade 8 Novel Unit -The House on Mango Street Action
13.5 Approval of Grade 4 Integrated Unit of Study for Social Studies and Language Arts Literacy: Grade 4 Unit Life After 1492 Action
13.6 Resolution to Accept: The Newark Public Library Funding Action
13.7 Memorandum of Understanding between Newark Board of Education and Bard College for Early College High School Program Action
13.8 Approval of Grade 2 Integrated Unit of Study, "Learning about North America" by the Newark Board of Education Action
13.9 Memorandum of Understanding between Main Street Counseling Center and the Newark Board of Education Action
13.10 Approval of Arabic I, Chinese I, and Portuguese I Curricula by the Newark Board of Education Action
13.11 Approval of Grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 Physical Education Curricula by the Newark Board of Education Action
13.12 Approval of Grades 3 through 7 Science Curricula by the Newark Board of Education Action
13.13 Approval of a Research and Data Sharing Agreement between Newark Board of Education and Seton Hall University Action
13.14 Approval of a Research and Data Sharing Agreement between Newark Board of Education and Seton Hall University Action
13.15 Memorandum of Understanding between Youth Development Clinic of Newark, Inc. (YDC) and Newark Board of Education Action
13.16 Approval of Grades 9-12 Health Curriculum Action
13.17 Memorandum of Understanding between Newark Board of Education and Rutgers University - Newark (RU-N)/Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC) for Dual Enrollment Program Action
14.0 Executive Session
15.0 Items Pulled from Consent
16.0 Adjournment
16.1 Adjournment Action
Newark Board of Education