TYPE: Business Board Meeting
DATE: 10/27/2020 TIME: 7:00 PM
1.0 Call to Order (Reading of Statement)
1.1 Call to Order Info
2.0 Flag Salute
2.1 Flag Salute Info
3.0 Roll Call
3.1 Roll Call Info
4.0 Committee Chairperson's Reports
4.1 Committee Chairs will report out on their various committees Info
5.0 Superintendent's Report
6.0 Review Agenda for Public Meeting
6.1 Review Agenda for Public Meeting Action
7.0 Public Participation
7.1 Public Participation Info
8.0 Program & Instruction
8.1 Newark Board of Education Remote Learning Code of Student Conduct and Grade Level Norms Action
9.0 Executive Session
10.0 Adjournment
10.1 Adjournment Action
Newark Board of Education